We build and grow
to enable quality housing
for our people’s future



Our focus is to provide good homes,
that can grow healthy communities
for our people.



Leadership is about enhancing
decision-making and encouraging
our people to make good choices.



We honour our heritage by
building this generation’s legacy.

We will grow to enable quality
housing for our people’s future.



Yes we can! We have
the capability to be the
catalyst for action.

Who we are


Te Tumu Kāinga is a not-for-profit Community Housing Provider established to support Māori Housing needs and aspirations.

We were formerly the Auckland and Onehunga Hostels Endowment Trust.

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We are an independent entity with a broad mandate to lead and support housing projects that benefit Māori across Aotearoa.

[/one_half_last] [one_half] The Trust is administered by Te Tumu Paeroa and operates out of Wellington.

What we do


We seek housing project partnerships that deliver quality, sustainable, social and affordable housing outcomes for Māori.

We will consider all housing projects and initiatives , including large-scale urban developments and smaller (often rural Māori-land based) housing projects.

The housing aspirations and needs of Māori are diverse and must be well understood when looking to design a project and solution.

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Our approach to community housing projects recognises that a quality building is only one part of a successful social or affordable housing project and that wraparound support is often required for community members to maximise and sustain holistic wellbeing outcomes.


Our products

[one_half] Depending on the type of project, we can offer various products that enable whānau into secure and affordable housing. In our affordable housing developments we offer shared equity and affordable rental programmes for Māori whānau looking to step on, or move up, the home ownership ladder. [/one_half] [one_half_last] In some projects we also offer community rental products whereby an affordable rental is offered for Māori whānau that are in need of secure, affordable tenure but who face significant barriers to home ownership. [/one_half_last]

Shared equity

For whānau aspiring to home ownership, we will partner with you to enable this by sharing the home ownership with you.

Affordable rental

For whānau aspiring to home ownership but needing affordable rental accommodation to meet the prerequisite savings, debt repayment and credit improvement goals.

Community rental

For whānau who are in need of secure tenure, affordable housing but who face significant barriers to home ownership, we can provide houses to “get you on your feet” again.

Current projects

Waimahia Inlet Development

A partnership with Nga Mana Whenua o Tamaki Makaurau, New Zealand Housing Foundation and CORT Community Housing.

The development is set in a new neighbourhood on the shores of the Manukau Harbour and will have 2 to 5 bedroom architecturally-designed houses.

Te Tumu Kāinga will have up to 50 houses available on shared equity or affordable rental programmes. Please contact us if you want to enquire about these opportunities.


Contact us


If you would like to contact us about a housing project that will benefit Māori, please get in touch.

Declan Millin General Manager Te Tumu Kāinga [/one_half]